Sadly, seniors are more susceptible to disorders such as anxiety and depression, which are easy to miss and often go untreated. This isn’t anyone’s mistake; symptoms of many illnesses can be mild and invisible at times, while others are more obvious. Still, knowing what indications to look for and being able to recognize whether your senior has mental health concerns is beneficial. It can assist them in receiving immediate treatment so that they can return to living a happy and fulfilled life. Home care nursing services can also be extremely beneficial in this situation.

Mild Indicators

  • Unless you are able to watch your senior sleep, recognizing sleep problems might be difficult. Instead, based on how exhausted they are during the day, check for indicators of too much or too little sleep.
  • If a senior is having trouble with their mental health, their diet may change. Observe your seniors at meals to see if they are eating less than usual or if they are skipping meals entirely.
  • Have you observed your senior’s enthusiasm for their interests waning? Or perhaps having fewer interactions with family and friends? If this is the case, reclusiveness may be a symptom of a mental health issue. Don’t put it off any longer; get home nursing services from a reliable company to support them.

Strong Indicators

  • If your senior isn’t taking care of themselves— for example, by failing to wash or brush their teeth -it’s a clue that they’re having trouble.
  • Just because your senior is dealing with a mental health issue doesn’t mean they’ll always be gloomy. Instead, they’ll probably have extreme highs and lows, so keep an eye on them for sudden mood swings.

Our caregivers at Heaven Sent Home Care in NH, ME, and MA, can assist you in determining whether or not your senior is suffering from a mental health issue. We can help you ensure that your elderly loved one is well cared for and feels better. To learn more about our home care nursing services, please get in touch with us at 603-459-8358.

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