Brain-stimulating social and mental activities can help people keep their minds sharp, increase their memory, and improve their day-to-day skills. The best cognitive activities for seniors should also be engaging so that they don’t feel bored. Here are the 3 most engaging activities that help boost senior brain health, as suggested professionals at Heaven Sent Home Care, an in-home care provider in Maine.

Play Trivia Games

For seniors, trivia games can be a competitive and entertaining way to exercise their brains. Playing trivia, whether alone or with a companion caregiver in Maine, can help you relax and unwind. Your loved one does not have to give up trivia games just because he or she is single. There are hundreds of memory-challenging quizzes and trivia games available online, making them a perfect option for senior citizens who live alone or grandparents looking for something fun to do with their grandchildren.

Learn A Foreign Language

Encourage your loved one to practice a new language because learning a new language challenges multiple parts of the brain. To get started, go to your loved one’s public library and look for beginner language materials. Then make your loved one commit to a daily study session of twenty minutes or half an hour. As your relative’s language abilities improve, he or she will seek to improve his or her brain health while also fostering sentiments of pride and success.

Play A Puzzle Game

Jigsaw puzzles can be mentally stimulating while also providing soothing and warm company as you work together on them. This practice can help to calm the mind, which is especially beneficial for seniors who have a lot on their minds.

These puzzles are available at several levels, making it a fun and cognitively stimulating way for your loved one to pass the time. Puzzle games are also convenient to play wherever your loved ones are, so if they enjoy sitting outside or during a long road journey, the game may accompany them. If your senior relative suffers from a memory disorder such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, cognitively stimulating activities can help slow the onset of some symptoms. At Heaven Sent Home Care in North Coast, we offer cutting-edge Alzheimer’s and dementia care that can help prevent or delay cognitive decline. Give us a call at 603-459-8358 and organize a free in-home consultation to discover more about the benefits of in-home care in Maine for your elderly loved one.

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