Aging is a smooth and seamless journey! To ensure it’s the best part of the senior’s life, elderly care services in Maine are becoming a necessity. Although it’s not always necessary to opt for the home care providers! Below are the 7 signs that it’s time to switch to in-home care.

  1. Behavior Changes:

With time, the seniors undergo several behavioral changes, which impact their mental health. Consequently, they suffer from anxiety, forget everything, and likewise.

  1. Poor Personal Hygiene:

The second item on our list is their personal hygiene. At this age, seniors often become careless with their routine activities, like dirty hair and nails, un-brushed teeth, dirty clothes, and body odor. A clear indication to call the elderly companion care!

  1. Inability To Drive:

Seniors often cannot coordinate well between the steering and paddles, resulting in their inability to drive a vehicle. These companion care services ensure that every such desire is fulfilled by being their source of transportation.

  1. Increase in the Daily Doctor or Medical Appointments:

As health deteriorates, the need for doctors, wound care specialists, and physiotherapists increases. And this frequency continues for a long time (as per the elderly companion care service).

5. Walking Issues:

Due to mobility issues, the elderly find it challenging to move to their basic tasks, such as going to the bathroom or outside.

6. Lack Of Quality Sleep:

It is among the most prevalent symptoms the elderly encounter in their daily lives, indicating health deterioration. As per the study, an acute mental disorder is the major reason behind the lack of quality sleep.

7. Change in Appearance and Personality:

Large wrinkles and hyperpigmentation are crucial indicators that your loved ones need extra care.

We hope you liked this bit of information! Stay abreast for more about home nursing services and more.

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