Loneliness is a prevalent issue that older people deal with. Seniors often experience a sense of social isolation, especially following the loss of a spouse or the dissolution of a sibling group due to a family tragedy. As we age, these emotions may become more and more aggravated.

Allowing elders to remain in their homes for as long as possible has proven to be one of the greatest ways to overcome negative emotions. According to research, relocating elderly people from their homes to community facilities may exacerbate emotions of loneliness and isolation, which are major contributors to ill health in older people. Furthermore, moving dementia patients away from their familiar settings has also sped up their cognitive decline.

The most crucial thing family can do is hire a companion caregiver to make senior adults feel less lonely.

Seniors experiencing feelings of isolation have found benefit from home care assistance. At Heaven Sent Home Care, we provide care ranging from a few hours to round-the-clock assistance. This means that a family member or senior citizen won’t have to worry about filling in for a shift on the weekend, in the evening, or on a holiday. We are open 24/7 to make sure that our clients receive our in-home care services round the clock. That security provides a complete peace of mind for everyone.

Our senior companion care services extends beyond cooking and cleaning; it include interactions such as playing a game, reminiscing about a senior’s favorite memories, or listening to a personalized playlist.

Having worked in this field for a while, we advise caregivers to incorporate going through family photos as part of their service because it can help to activate their memory. A digital photo album is one method distant family members can keep their elderly relatives up to date with their life. These can be uploaded by our home care companions and shared through messaging apps, or delivered via email.

Lastly, it is critical to remember that the subject of loneliness and isolation among older adults is sensitive. Everyone feels these emotions differently, and navigating them can be difficult. But taking an active role in your loved one’s life and giving them the attention they might not otherwise get might help lessen the sense of loneliness.

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