Keeping in touch with loved ones is crucial because if they live far from their friends and family, they could start to feel lonely. Individuals’ social networks tend to shrink as they age, and it gets harder for them to meet new people who they can hang out with on a regular basis.

Leading providers of home care assistance in Massachusetts suggest there are numerous ways you may keep in touch with them to reduce the likelihood of loneliness and isolation.

You can assist your senior in the following ways:

Phone calls

Organizing routine phone calls is often the simplest method to keep in touch. Additionally, you may teach them how to use a phone app like Skype or FaceTime to make video chats. You can text them to develop an easy, low-pressure manner of interacting if your schedule prevents you from making regular phone conversations. There are many phones that offer simple keyboards, ways to magnify texts, and ways to read messages aloud if they have eyesight issues that make it difficult to read messages.

Create their social media profiles

In order to help them contact friends or relatives who might not have their phone numbers, you can also demonstrate to them how to use the direct messaging features. Since nearly eight out of ten persons in the country have a Facebook account, it is often the easiest method. After you’ve set up their account, you may assist them with adding friends to their profile and demonstrate a number of fundamental features. They will feel more included as a result of having an easy way to learn what their friends and family are doing. Seniors can get help with this from caregivers who provide medicare home health care.

Schedule frequent visits

If your loved one lives close by, you and your family can schedule frequent visits or extend an invitation to them to stay at your house. Try activities like playing board games, preparing a new meal together, or catching up over coffee or tea during this time. You can set up a regular date where you meet each other a couple of times a month to make sure you’re keeping up with them.

Heaven Sent Home Care Can Support Your Loved One

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