Seniors value their independence and opt to age in place for as long as possible before moving into assisted living or a nursing home. This usually isn’t a problem as long as there aren’t any serious health and safety issues. In-home assistance for seniors can bridge the gaps if they require extra assistance in certain areas.

However, it is crucial to routinely inspect your elderly parent’s house to make sure there are no major threats and to put safety measures in place. Seniors’ appointments to the emergency room are frequently brought on by slip and fall accidents. Installing grab bars and handrails, anti-slip rugs and thresholds, and providing slip-resistant surfaces are a few easy methods that may help prevent danger.

To keep your elderly relative safe as they age in place, consider the following:

Fall Prevention

Are there cords scattered everywhere on the floor, or do you see clutter in the way? If your loved one uses a cane, walker, or shuffling feet, you should address any problems that can make navigating more challenging.

Fire Prevention

Ensure that there are smoke detectors on every floor and in rooms, as well as that they are operational and have new batteries. Additionally, having one or two fire extinguishers is a smart idea. In-home assisted living helps your elderly parents stay safe in their homes.

Adequate Lighting

In case your senior gets up at night, install night lighting in common places like hallways, stairwells, and bathrooms. To save them from fumbling with knobs and switches, think about installing lights with motion sensors that will turn on automatically.

Arrange a home inspection

You can also hire a pro to come out and look over your loved one’s house to find any problem spots or potential danger zones. They will examine every potential risk to older citizens’ safety as they age in place and suggest preventive upkeep and repairs.

These may also be signs that they require further assistance as they age in place or may want to look into assisted living. To better meet their requirements and guarantee their safety and comfort while staying in their own home, work with an in-home care company like Heaven Sent Home Care.

In-home care can be a great alternative for letting your elderly parent age in place while giving them the assistance they need with daily activities like getting in and out of bed, light cleaning, organization, food preparation, and attending social events. To arrange a free care consultation and learn how home care assistance in New Hampshire can improve your loved one’s safety and well-being as they age in place, call Heaven Sent Home Care at 603-459-8358.

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