Managing arthritis is one of the main difficulties seniors encounter as they age. Unknown to many, the term “arthritis” actually refers to different types of joint pains; it is not just one particular illness. It can range from being somewhat mild to being completely incapacitating and usually involves swelling, discomfort, and restricted joint movement. While there are a number of drugs that may be used to lessen the symptoms of arthritis, some elderly people choose to try more natural remedies first.

Let’s talk about some natural treatments for arthritis that elderly home care providers advise the elderly to try:

Physical Therapy

By learning stretching and exercise techniques from a physical therapist, you can increase your mobility and reduce the symptoms of arthritis. They can work on the regions that bother you the most while also suggesting general exercises you can do to stay active. For instance, low-impact exercises that are easier on your joints include swimming, riding, and yoga.


Additionally, pain can be lessened by inserting tiny needles into specific pressure points all throughout the body. Because they are unsure about what to expect, some people are reluctant to attempt acupuncture, yet many others find it helpful. The movement of energy throughout the body is improved with acupuncture.


Consider getting a massage if your joints are unusually tight or achy. The circulation and range of motion can be helped by this light pressure and movement. You may feel more at ease and your muscles may become less tense as a result. A personal care worker can help you with that.

Control weight

Reducing joint stress and managing arthritis symptoms can both be helped by maintaining a healthy weight. Consult your doctor for advice on a diet and exercise regimen that is both healthy and doable. They can guide you in determining what is best for your body and health.

Ask your doctor whether any of these herbal treatments might be an option if you suffer from arthritis. Consider hiring an in home health service provider if pain and restricted mobility make it difficult for you to live independently and you might use some help getting around or with daily duties. In order to satisfy their requirements and promote aging in place, Heaven Sent Home Care works with the elderly to identify the best level of care and services. For a free consultation, call Heaven Sent Home Care at 603-459-8358 right away.

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