Joint pain can worsen as the winter weather arrives. Seniors who have arthritis or other joint issues should be especially aware of this. Joint pain and stiffness may be worse in the winter than they are in the summer due to the lower ambient temperatures. However, joint pain in the winter doesn’t have to keep you out of the game all year. Here is some advice from the top elderly home care service providers that might bring you some comfort, help you make the most of each day, and let you keep doing the things you enjoy.

Put on layers of clothing
To keep your muscles and joints warm, try wearing several different layers instead of a big sweater. This enables you to more effectively regulate your body’s temperature by putting on or taking off clothing based on your environment and mood. Wearing layers also lessens the impact that unexpected temperature fluctuations, such as going outside, have on your joints.

Make the room temperature higher
Even a slight increase in temperature can make a significant difference and keep the chill off the air. Warmth can help you feel less stiff and achy, which will make it easier for you to move around.

Take medicines on time.
There are both over-the-counter and prescription drugs that could offer some relief from joint pain brought on by age, arthritis, or other disorders. However, if you or a loved one frequently forgets to take medication, a companion caregiver can assist you in taking medications on time. Also, discuss what is best for you and how to come up with a successful treatment plan with your doctor.

Stay active
When it’s cold outside, it can be tempting to curl up in a blanket and watch your favorite movie or read a nice book, but doing so may make you feel worse. Your joints may feel stiffer and more difficult to move when you aren’t moving around often. Even if it’s only making a few laps around your living room, stretch out throughout the day. Maintaining warm and loose muscles is important.

Don’t forget to take breaks
Don’t go overboard with the stretching and low-impact exercise even though you want to stay active. Your joints may also get sore and achy from overexertion. Pay attention to your body and take a break when as and when required. Periodically using an ice pack or heating pad can also assist to relieve pain and inflammation.

Living with arthritis can be difficult, and it can make daily tasks more difficult when you’re living alone. You can get help from an in-home caregiver with a number of duties, including getting dressed, cleaning the house, cooking meals, and writing letters. They can also be a great source of companionship and accompany you on various outings to safeguard your safety.

In order to help senior citizens improve their quality of life and get the right amount of assistance, Heaven Sent Home Care offers a variety of senior services. If you have arthritis or joint discomfort, call Heaven Sent Home Care at 603-459-8358 to arrange a free consultation and learn how senior companion care services might help you.

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