Loneliness and social isolation are two major issues that many seniors face. Many older adults live alone and may not have family or friends who can visit them regularly. They may have problems with their vision, hearing, mobility, or health, making it difficult for them to get out and about on their own. As a result, they may become depressed, frustrated, and lonely.

Expert in-home care providers suggest thattaking steps to identify those at risk and assisting them in forming connections and remaining active is critical. Ask them how their day was. Know what they want to do. Do they spend a lot of time alone? What are some of the obstacles they face in getting out and socializing with others?

Find ways to make things easier for them, such as:

  • Teach them how to use technology and connect with others using various video conferencing platforms.
  • Provide them hearing aids, a walker, and other such things so they can be more involved and aware of what’s happening around them.
  • Invite friends and family to visit, or hire in home services. It is scientifically proven that having someone to talk to, eat with, or socialize with can help relieve loneliness and isolation.
  • Arrange for transportation to and from the store, appointments, social gatherings, prayer meetings, and leisure activities for an aging parent. Having a reliable mode of transportation allows them to do more things on their own and participate in activities that they enjoy.
  • If they are capable and willing to care for a pet, assist them in getting one. Pets can be great companions and provide a sense of purpose for seniors.
  • Hire an in-home care provider who can come on a regular basis to provide companionship, assist with housework, help you with errands, and more.

Loneliness can have a negative impact on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of seniors. Make a concerted effort to ensure that your aging parents can interact with others regularly, take part in activities they enjoy, have their basic needs met, and form meaningful connections. Contact Heaven Sent Home Care at 603-459-8358 to schedule a free consultation if you think your aging parents could benefit from home health care aide services.

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