The body’s ability to fend off disease and properly recover can get harder as people age. A weakened immune system and other illnesses might make a cold or the flu more difficult to treat. Seniors must take precautions to maintain their health and avoid getting sick. A leading provider of in-home care in New Hampshire suggests that there are various ways elders can be proactive, from eating well and being active to averting particular scenarios.

Get your shots
Now is the time to get immunized, if you haven’t already, for both you and your loved ones. Although getting a flu vaccine won’t guarantee that you won’t become sick as it only protects against specific strains of the virus, it can help lower your risk of getting sick.

Sit down and relax
Give your body enough time to rest and heal, particularly if you are feeling exhausted. Overextending yourself can stress your body and compromise your immune system, leaving you more prone to disease. Aged care providers offer care for elderly parents that enable your or your elderly parents’ body to recover and rejuvenate while warding off pathogens.

Avoid being around sick people
Even though you might want to visit your friends or grandkids, if someone is sick, try to avoid them until they are feeling better. Use FaceTime, Skype, or another digital tool to communicate while avoiding the spread of diseases in the meantime.

Sanitize your hands
Being careful is a good strategy to stop the spread of illness. Wash your hands and possibly change your clothes after being in public, touching common objects, or being around lots of people. Keep a hand sanitizer close at hand if you can’t get to a sink. Since the eyes and lips are major points of entry for viruses, try to avoid touching your face as much as you can.

Eat Healthy
Be sure to consume a diet that is well-balanced and contains a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, and other healthy foods. This will increase your immunity. Frozen produce is OK if you can’t find any fresh vegetables.

Stay active
Sweating away toxins and boosting your immune system are the key benefits of regular exercise. It can also help you avoid falling sick time and again. Furthermore, it encourages stress reduction because a constant state of anxiety can impair immunity. Get some fresh air by going outside, but remember to dress warmly. If walking outside is unsafe, you can also work out at home or in a gym.

An in-home caregiver can assist with making shopping lists, cooking meals, making plans, going on walks with the patient, and reminding to take medications as directed. To keep seniors safe and facilitate aging in place, they offer extra eyes and hands. Heaven Sent Home Care’s caregivers offer help for elderly at home to make the most of each day, especially by taking efforts to keep healthy and active. They offer as much or as little assistance as is required.

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