In home care is help given in the client’s home. It may include companionship, transportation, and support with activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation. It excludes medical treatments or therapies. A home care assistant may provide support to a client for anything between an hour per day to 24 hours per day, depending on their needs.

Many seniors and their families opt for home care instead of relocating to a residential care facility as needs and capacity change. This allows the seniors to stay in their current residence. Seniors can enjoy their golden years in their own homes by combining home care with any necessary house renovations or assistive technologies. To help manage caregiving, family caregivers may also in-home senior care services as a respite.

Who is an ideal candidate for home care?

Seniors who want to live independently often choose home care as a substitute for assisted living. For those who match the following requirements, it may be a good care alternative.

  • Seniors with mobility issues who want assistance moving safely within their house.
  • Seniors who require assistance with everyday domestic tasks because they have poor motor skills.
  • Those over the age of 65 who can no longer drive and require transportation to appointments, the grocery store, friends’ homes, and other places
  • Seniors who want a caregiver’s company because they’re lonely
  • Seniors who require help with ADLs such as food preparation, bathing, and other tasks
  • Senior citizens in need of household services like cleaning and grocery buying
  • Elderly who start to lose their memories

Do you or your parents need additional companionship and help around the house?

Heaven Sent Home Care offers many different types of senior in home care services that can be individualized to meet the needs of your family members. Call us at 603-459-8358 for a free consultation to learn how home care can benefit your family.

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