Every year, more than a million adults over the age of 65 suffer a hip fracture. Many of these fractures occur as a result of a fall in which the person lands on his or her side. Elders are more likely to fracture a hip, as you’ve discovered after your mother or father falls and breaks their hip.

Get your parent to the hospital as soon as possible

Your parent will probably have surgery to replace their hip partially or completely, or to fix the fracture with screws and/or plates. Home health care service is crucial to their recovery regardless of the kind of surgery they require.

How to prepare for your parent’s recovery

The type of treatment depends on the fracture. Typically, a partial or complete hip replacement is required if the fracture affects the blood supply. If not, just screws and plates might be used to stabilize the fracture while it heals.

Your mother or father will begin physical therapy the day following surgery to help them get up and moving. They also gain strength from the physical therapy sessions, and their balance and range of motion are enhanced. She’ll be in the hospital for a few days. They then return to their home or nursing home to finish recovering.

Recovery at home is almost always preferable. They’ll feel more at ease in a familiar environment.

How a personal care worker can help

Home Health Caregivers visit the house and work with your mother or father there as they continue their recovery. Typical activities like getting dressed and into the shower, standing up and sitting down, and moving around their home will continue to help them strengthen and use their hip.

Home health caregivers will check it to ensure that their wound is tidy and healing correctly. Home care caregivers can assist if they are taking painkillers. Another thing that a personal care worker can assist with is catheter care if they have one for any cause.

For the first week or two, they might require a wheelchair, and then later on, a cane. Ensure that any furniture or clutter that might obstruct their path is removed.

If it is found that your mother or father has osteoporosis, their doctor might recommend that they consult a dietitian to ensure that their food is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Dietitian home visits are another type of home health care support.

To find out how your mother or father will heal, speak with their hospital staff. As you become more aware of what they will require, get in touch with a home health care expert to make preparations.

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