Aging can affect sleep habits, causing people to fall asleep quicker, sleep for shorter periods, or sleep lighter than they used to. There are instances when older men and women’s sleep patterns might be seriously disturbed. Their physical and mental health may suffer greatly due to this. These suggestions from providers of home care assistance in Massachusetts can help seniors get more rest:

  • Determine any underlying issues that may be affecting your sleep, such as stress, medication, health issues, etc. Elder care providers can speak with seniors’ doctors and families to determine if there are any conditions that might be contributing to their difficulty sleeping.
  • Set up a regular bedtime and morning regimen. Professionals that offer home care nursing services encourage healthier sleeping patterns in seniors by encouraging them to establish a regular bedtime and evening routine.
  • Consume caffeine in moderation. Caffeine might make it harder to go to sleep. Seniors may sleep better if they reduce their caffeine use, especially at night.
  • Foster physical activity. Seniors who exercise regularly can sleep better. Exercise can cause the production of endorphins, which reduce tension, and might interfere with sleep. Seniors who exercise might burn off surplus energy that might make it difficult for them to go asleep.
  • Get some sunlight. The body’s melatonin levels will be regulated by sunlight, reinforcing the cycle of day and night. To encourage better sleep, open the blinds or spend some time outside each day.

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