Dementia is a gradual brain condition that impairs a person’s capacity for thought, reasoning, and memory. Giving their loved ones with dementia the attention they need can be difficult for family members, especially as the illness worsens. Heaven Sent Home Care is aware of the difficulties associated with providing care for a person who has dementia, and we provide in home assistance for seniors to support both the patient and their loved ones.

Personalized care plans are one way we assist those who have dementia. Each person with dementia has unique needs, and at Heaven Sent Home Care, we collaborate with them and their families to design a personalized care plan that meets their needs. Assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), medication management, and companionship are all part of this strategy.

Caregiving for a person with dementia requires assistance with ADLs on a regular basis. Patients may experience trouble with daily activities including eating, dressing, and taking a shower as the condition worsens. Our caregivers are skilled in giving our clients the care they require while also preserving their dignity and freedom.

Another crucial component of dementia treatment is the handling of medications. It might be difficult to remember all of the drugs that many patients need. Our caregivers watch out for our clients’ timely and accurate medicine administration. This aids in avoiding difficulties and guarantees that our clients get the best service possible.

The companionship we provide as part of our dementia care is yet another essential element. Patients may develop a more withdrawn and solitary personality as the illness worsens. They offer social interaction and emotional support from our caregivers, which can enhance their quality of life. Having a companion can also help persons with dementia, who frequently struggle with anxiety and sadness.

We also provide family caregivers with respite services in New Hampshire in addition to these services. It can be draining both physically and emotionally to care for someone with dementia. Our respite care services give family members short-term relief so they can rest and refuel.

We at Heaven Sent Home Care are aware of the difficulties involved in providing care for a dementia patient. We provide a variety of services to help patients and their families live more comfortably because of this. We aim to offer the finest standard of care through our individualized care plans, help with ADLs, medication management, companionship, and respite care services. To find out more about our personal care services and how we can assist your loved one who has dementia, get in touch with us.

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