The excretory system relies heavily on the two kidneys we have. The kidneys are in charge of filtering waste from the bloodstream so that it can be excreted as urine.

However, just like machinery, the kidneys can be damaged by natural wear and strain. You may need to stay on medicine and limit your activities if your kidneys, or at least one of them, are badly damaged. In extreme circumstances, you may require senior home care services in NH, ME, and MA.

You’ll want to minimize damage as much as possible in order to keep your kidneys in good shape even as you get older. Here are a few strategies to keep your kidneys healthy and functioning properly:

Exercise Regularly

Even if the exercises you’re doing are low-impact, they work wonders. Regular exercise can help you manage your blood pressure and blood sugar levels while also improving your cardiovascular health. Thankfully, there is in-home senior care in NH, ME, and MA that incorporates daily exercise into their clients’ regimens.

Maintain A Healthy Blood Sugar Level

When you have high levels of unconverted blood sugar, it takes a lot of effort for your kidneys to remove those substances from your blood. Excessive strain can harm the kidneys over time. If you need home health care in Vancouver, ask your trained nurse or home health aide for assistance.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water aids in the removal of salt and other pollutants from the bloodstream via the kidneys. As a result, staying hydrated will aid in the prevention of unpleasant kidney stones. Do you have a senior family member who is suffering from kidney disease and requires senior companion care in NH, ME, and MA? Call Heaven Sent Home Care right now!

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