It can be very difficult to see a senior loved one begin to struggle with meeting some of their basic needs. They might accept additional assistance. You might start dropping by to do chores, prepare meals, and do other things. Alternatively, you could pay a caregiver to take care of some of the more private tasks, like bathing. But as they get older, it might become clear that your loved one needs even more assistance than simple caregiving. There may even be a need for round-the-clock home care assistance. When should you know that’s the change you want to make? Here are some warning signs:

Memory Loss 

Leaving a loved one alone can be extremely dangerous if they have dementia or Alzheimer’s and are prone to confusion. When someone is in a state of fear or confusion, you never know what will happen to them. Even worse, they might leave their home and become lost, unable to find their way back. It is in their best interests to have 24-hour live-in senior care when their loved one has advanced memory-related illnesses.

Mobility issues 

Your elderly loved one need more assistance than just dropping by occasionally can provide if they are unable to get out of bed on their own or move between going to and coming from the bathroom. What happens if they trip and hurt themselves while attempting something on their own and are left to lie on the ground until someone passes by? For your family member, that is unacceptable. With 24-hour care, both they and you can receive the assistance they require.

Behaving differently

Regardless of the diagnosis, if there is one, you need someone to watch your loved one if they start to behave abnormally, such as turning on the oven, placing something inside to bake, and then forgetting that it is there. They are still capable of acting independently in some situations, but if you can’t predict what they’ll do, 24-hour home care is a good idea.

Requires medical attention

Your loved one can benefit from 24-hour home care if they are recovering at home from surgery or an illness, or if they have a condition that requires ongoing medical attention. They have someone nearby at all times to attend to their needs and make sure they are receiving the care they require in order to recover.

Where to find 24-hour home care? It’s never too early to start the conversation and consider your options if you believe your loved one may soon require round-the-clock senior companion care. Get in touch with Heaven Sent Home Care and let us know the situation with your loved one. We will conduct expert evaluations and offer you suggestions about what might be best in your circumstances.

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